Saturday, September 24, 2011

Consignment Shopping!

I had the most fun today consignment shopping with my sister. I love consignment sales, the big semi-annual ones. I have found three in my area, but if you know of more in greater Indy, please let me know! I've successfully bought my older daughters wardrobe from them the past two years.
Today was a fantastic day, as well! She has almost nothing in the size she needs, and her little belly keeps poking out of her tee shirts, so I needed to really stock up. I did just that. I scored her a winter coat, in awesome condition for only $2.00! Yep, you read correctly, no need to call your optometrist, $2.00. In the end, both of my girls have snowsuits for the coming winter, and my older daughter who
isn't supplied in hand-me-downs has a new coat, and rain coat.
Rose Petal Cottage, in great condition!
We've decided that, in order to help me with cleaning, we'd only buy the girls one big Christmas present together. I scored a Rose Petal Cottage today with some furniture! I was so excited!!! This is the earliest I've ever bought a Christmas present. Yep, procrastination is really an art with me! 
I only go on the reduced price days which are usually Sat. this means most items I find are marked 50% off. Then I scour the racks. I bought a nearly complete 3T wardrobe & supplemented the 12 mos hand-me-down wardrobe for my little one. (A lot of clothes did not survive #1 to see #2) The only thing these sales were short on were dresses. So now, I'm on the prowl for Sunday bests. So if you're looking for me anytime soon, just call Goodwill!

Here are the links to the sales I attend each Spring and Fall:
Indy Kids Consignment
Just Between Friends of North Indy
And my fav:
Whale of A Sale

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