Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

I'm not very talented, but I do like to try all kinds of DIY projects. One thing I've done and, I must say, it was successful was baby food making. When my older daughter was born, the only feeding questions that had risen in my mind and had been answered was bottle or breast. For me that was a no-brainer, I was going to breastfeed if at all possible. (I'll have to post about my adventures with her learning to latch...what a headache. Should have known she'd be a troublemaker!) I never even thought about what type of food she would eat when the time to eat solids came around. But, before I knew it she was six months old. Suddenly, I had the idea that I wanted to puree. (I can't figure out how to put the little French punctuation above the "e," by the way!) I did this for a lot of reasons. One being that allergies run in my family, and I wanted to control all the elements of their first foods. Another reason being that making your own baby food is really cheap. Click here to see a great comparison chart! Take note of the cost of making your own banana baby food...shocking!
Baby #2 Eating her first bites of applesauce
At first I thought that pureeing my own baby food would be tedious, but I discovered that I LOVED to do it! It was really fun to do!
I found that my favorite way to make baby food was to steam lots of fruits and veggies at a time. I would usually end up with glass pyrex bowls all over my kitchen filled with goodies. Then, I would use a stick blender and go from bowl to bowl. This method saved me on dishes and on time!
I never did much with ice cube trays, instead I bought 6 oz ball jars, labeled them and froze them. If you do go this method, make sure that you buy jars that are freezer safe! This made my food extremely portable. Of course, you still need to keep the baby food cool. That's when my Awesome Lunch Sack came in handy.
This is a site that I love it helps you with all kinds of infant feeding question: Wholesome Baby Food


  1. You ARE very talented! Don't sell yourself short!

  2. Thanks, I wasn't fishing for a compliment, I promise. But, I think I make up for my lack of talent with a knack for finding great short cuts! Disguises where I fall short. :D